Bodyguard End Seal

Installation Guide


Using an end cut preservative is required to meet the terms of the Bodyguard warranty. 

We recommend Bodyguard End Seal.

Use a brush-on or spray-on wood preservative containing zinc naphthenate on all saw cuts, drilled, notched and punched holes, screw, nail and fastener penetrations, during installation.


Bodyguard End Seal

Bodyguard End Seal for the protection & sealing of treated timber end cuts.

Recommended for use with the Bodyguard range of sidings, trim and mouldings.

Bodyguard End Seal is an easy-to-use wood sealer, for use with Bodyguard exterior siding, trim and moulding products. It is specifically for the re-sealing of treated timber where cuts, notches, nail and drill holes have exposed fresh timber surfaces.

Bodyguard treated timber is for above ground non-structural use only.

Why use Bodyguard End Seal?

Warranty: using a zinc naphthenate end cut treatment is a requirement of the Bodyguard 30-year limited warranty.

Convenience: available in spray cans (13 fl oz) or quarts, providing a choice of application method.

Tint: the white tint confirms the product has been applied to all areas where it is required.

Peace of mind: know that the finished product is fully protected against rot and termite attack.

VOC Compliance: Bodyguard End Seal meets the VOC requirements set out by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Application Instructions

Please follow detailed instructions on your spray can or tin. These include how to prepare, apply and clean up after applying the paint.

Ensure you have an appropriate dry and dust free environment to apply the paint.

One quart tin of Bodyguard End Seal will cover approximately 370 typical 1”x8” end sections with two coats.

A spray can of Bodyguard End Seal will cover approximately 90 typical end sections with three passes.