Build with total confidence

Why Bodyguard®

Until now, it's been hard for contractors and homeowners to find genuine wood building solutions they can trust to last, and that look great. Bodyguard is the answer.


Bodyguard is protected by an environmentally friendly preservative that provides long-lasting life and protection against decay, corrosion and insects.

Sustainably sourced

The wood is sourced from the clean, green sustainable pine forests of New Zealand, and treated under pressure with a carbon-based solution that penetrates.

30 year warranty

Bodyguard is protected, real wood, that carries a 30-year limited warranty against termite attack and fungal decay. It's environmentally safe and easy to use.


Benefits at a glance

Make a naturally protected choice. Choose Bodyguard, we guarantee it.


The unique pressure treatment achieves total penetration protection of the wood. The addition of waxes and resins boosts its water protection properties. The active ingredients used in the treatment process (known as Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservatives (LOSP's) do not dissolve in water and will not be removed through leaching.

FSC® certified

By buying products with an FSC label you are helping to promote responsible forest management worldwide. Ask for our supply availability of FSC certified products (SGS-COC-004276/SCS-COC-00538/SW-COC-004440/SGS-COC-003178/RA-COC-005483). More

Green building credited

Bodyguard qualifies for credit points under the following schemes:

LEED for Homes
NAHB Model Green
Home Building
GreenPoint Rated (California only).

Environmentally friendly and safe

The Bodyguard preservative system is based on carbon-based biocides and is registered in the United States of America by the EPA. As Bodyguard is real wood and contains no hazardous additives it is safe to work with, just follow normal workplace safety practices for handling wood products.

Suitable for use inside and outside

Bodyguard is safe for indoor and exterior use above ground. We recommend application of finishing coats as soon as practical after installation. Make sure your Bodyguard product is dry before painting.


The machined finish of Bodyguard is enhanced by a two-coat primer system and comes with a performance warranty. A good-quality acrylic paint system applied to the manufacturer's specification will finish the appearance and protection of your Bodyguard product perfectly. More

Easy to use

No special tools, cutting equipment or fixing methods are required with Bodyguard. As Bodyguard is real wood and contains no hazardous additives, it’s safe to work with; just follow normal work-place safety practices for handling wood products.

Easy to maintain (for longer life)

A quality paint system should last in excess of 10 years. Basic maintenance of a gentle annual wash of the exterior, especially under eaves and overhangs will remove marine salts and contaminants.

When maintenance is required to repair mechanical or weathering damage, prepare fill and sand the damaged surface as required, then prime and undercoat, and finish with two topcoats.

Defect free

Bodyguard is a natural wood product manufactured from kiln-dried timber. All defects such as knots and resin pockets are removed prior to finger-jointing.

California Fire Approval

Bodyguard has had profiles successfully tested by Western Fire Center Inc., to California State Fire Marshall Regulations. More


As the protection system (LOSP's) does not contain any corrosive heavy metals they will not cause corrosion to nails and other fastening systems. Durable fasteners are recommended as good building practice for exterior applications.

Termite resistant

One of the active protective ingredients in Bodyguard is permethrin, a food-crop protection product, effective against all known species of termite.